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Curse Forge / Twitch

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v1.0.2 · Twitch Launcher
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Technic Launcher

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v1.0.2 · Technic Launcher
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How to install Infinity

Get hyped, grab a cool drink and enjoy a whole new Minecraft experience.

Follow this guide if you are using the Twitch client (Curse/Forge).

  1. Go to the downloads page and select Twitch
  2. On the Curseforge website, select the "Install" button on the right.
  3. Choose "Open" or open the file, it will install Infinity to the Twitch Launcher.
  4. Once the download and install completes, select "Infinity Modpack"
  5. Go to the top right settings to confirm you have allocated enough ram. We recommend between 4 - 6 GB max, more may cause your game to crash.
  6. Confirm your changes, and hit the play button!

Follow this guide if you are using the Technic Launcher.

  1. Go to the downloads page and select Technic Launcher
  2. On the Technic website, select the "Install this Modpack" button on the top right.
  3. Follow the on screen steps to finish installation.

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