Checking out the Elgato Cam Link Pro

Hi everyone,

today I am installing the new Elgato Cam Link Pro and testing it out with my overhead camera and also seeing how it is to record gaming.

Cam Link Pro compared to the cheap HDMI Capture

This comparison it’s almost like night and day. The cheap capture card distorts the image by making the colours look very off, and adds a heavy compression due to the card being limited to USB 2.0 bandwidth. The Cam Link Pro looks extremely sharp, has no compression artefacts and can capture up to 4K in 30FPS.

Would I recommended to use the Cam Link Pro for capturing gaming?

I would say maybe: only if you do not mind a slight input delay, or have an HDMI splitter to pass through the signal. Otherwise the Cam Link Pro is not really a gaming capture card since it does not have HDMI passthrough or a low latency which can be very important when playing through the capture utility without a HDMI splitter.

What do you need to capture a camera?

In my case, to keep the camera running without the battery running out I purchased a dummy battery, which connects to a QuickCharge 3 USB power supply to keep the camera powered on continuously.

How do you mount a camera overhead?

For a simple overhead camera I can recommend the Elgato Multi Mount with Flex Arm Kit!