GoXLR/GoXLR Mini "clicking" noises with AMD while under load

My experience with the GoXLR has so far been awesome, that was until I upgraded from Intel to AMD in January I noticed that my audio would start “clicking” or “crackle” when doing anything that was CPU intensive.

After googling there were a few suggestions:

  • Changing PCIe 4 → PCIe 3
  • Use USB 2.0 instead of 3.x
  • Reinstall GoXLR drivers

Unfortunately none of these could fix the issue, and it has been so bad that when I zoom in on a file in Photoshop the audio would cut out for each zoom step. Or when using OBS it would completely crash my audio output, so for now I had no other choice than to switch to a different interface.

I’ve contacted Thomann, the shop I bought the GoXLR from and apparently they have gotten a few reports of this already. It seems to be an issue with the CPU buffer size.

Fortunately I can report that the Focusrite Scarelett 2i2 is working flawlessly on my X570 AMD system.

Has anyone else experienced this or found a fix? Please do share your experience!

@truzze Since you are upgrading to AMD in the future, please report how your audio interface is working now with your current setup and when you upgrade. Let me know if you encounter any of these buffer size issues with it!