Guide: Joining a Nitrox Server

Learn how to join a Nitrox Subnautica Multiplayer Server and start playing!

If you haven’t already installed Nitrox, please read this first: Guide: How to Install Nitrox

Step 1:

Open the Nitrox Launcher and press “Start Game”

Step 2:

Press on “Multiplayer”

Step 3:

Press “Add server IP”.

Step 4:

A dialog will open. Enter a name for the server. Then enter the server IP under host. Finally, press “Add server”.

Step 5:

You will now see the server with the name you gave it in the list. Click on “Connect to…” to join that server.

Step 6:

Last but not least, enter your username and pick a colour of your liking. Then, press “Join”.


If you are connecting to someones server, they must provide the IP for you . They can find that IP from the server window.