How to: Install Minecraft Shaders and Shader Packs

Hi everyone, here’s an easy to follow guide covering how you can install the Shaders Mod and add Shader Packs to your Minecraft installation.


  1. Download and install the mod OptiFine
  2. Go to “Options” → “Video Settings” → “Shaders”
  3. Put your files into the “Shaders Folder”

Part 1: Installing OptiFine

The Shader Mods runs on the performance enhancing mod called OptiFine. Not only will it make Minecraft run faster, it also includes a lot of tweaks and additional options so you can get the most FPS.

  1. Run Minecraft once with your desired version and close the Minecraft Launcher
  2. Visit OptiFine Downloads and find the latest version for your game and click the “(Mirror)” link to start downloading the mod.
  3. Open the newly downloaded “OptiFine.jar” File (If you can not open it, you might need to install Java
  4. Press the “Install” button, after a successful install press “OK” and you’re done!

Part 2: Adding Shader Packs to Minecraft

Now that we have installed the base mod, OptiFine we can continue with installing Shader Packs to make your game look visually stunning. You can choose from a variety of different shaders, each making the game look unique in their own style.

  1. Launch Minecraft with the new OptiFine profile
  2. Press on “Options” in the main menu
  3. Select “Video Settings…”, then “Shaders…”
  4. Select “Shaders Folder”, then drag and drop your downloaded shaders into the folder
  5. Choose your shaders in game and enjoy!

Links to some nice shader packs

Let me know any that are missing and should be added, you can leave your favourite shader in the replies :slight_smile:

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