Minecraft Infinity Modpack (Latest Version)

Infinity is a collection of mods for Minecraft that put adventure and exploration above all else, in the style of stunning Biomes and Ruins. Explore the world and create your ultimate Minecraft world.

Infinity Modpack: Client Download

How to install the modpack using the technic launcher:

  1. Go to the downloads page and select Technic Launcher
  2. On the Technic website, select the “Install this Modpack” button on the top
  3. Follow the on screen steps to finish installation

Host your own Infinity Server

How to host a server:

  1. Download the server .zip for your OS.
  2. Once you have the Server, extract the archive. For now we can use the Desktop.
  3. Next, open the server.properties file with a text editor and make your desired changes. Don’t forget to change the server slots and IP/port.
  4. From there you can open the EULA file and if you agree to the terms, change the text from FALSE to TRUE. Without doing this change your server will not start.
  5. Now you can open the start file for your OS and give your friends the IP to join.
  6. If you want your friends to join directly over your IP, learn more about Port Forwarding.

Please feel free to reply if you need any further help, have questions or just want to share your experience!