What should be added in the Achievement Generator

So yeah, I also thought the achievement generator missed a bunch of items/blocks from Minecraft that should’ve been there for custom purposes!
I think that bringing new items AND change the selection of items to a visual one rather than a list of words would be even more accessible for people to use it more easily.

First I wanted to recommend some items/blocks that (I thinked of, it’s my opinion so it’s biaised) should definitely be in the generator!

I’ve regrouped them in 2 categories, being Items and Blocks (for now), so enjoy this well arranged list that I’ve created from MOST difficult (due to quantity) to less difficult!

Let’s begin with ITEMS:

-All Potions/Throwing Potions! (That’s a lot of them, but I think it will be sweet to have them all due to certain maps/challenges like Jump Boosted parkour, invisible huntdowns, etc.)

-All Tipped Arrows (That’s a lot of them too! But I think they can be an asset to the customization of achievements, since We can write in it too!)

-All the Tools (To have a sort of “leveling” within the swords through their materials : from wood to netherite!)

-All the Armors (Same as Tools)
-All the Swords (Same as Tools)
-Shields (Maybe with a possibility of creating the design ON the shield…? That sounds VERY complicated but just a simple shield is great for now ^^’)

-Fishing Rod
-Lead (For leaders…)
-Painting (for -ers…)
-Eye of Ender
-Apples + Golden Apples + Enchanted Golden Apples (Not to copy Ph1lza but those looks good!)

-Nether Star (That’s a great star! Always rewarded for the best at something!)
-Chorus Fruit
-Netherite Ingot
-Stick (to go with the swords… Starting with a Stick)
-Amethyst Shards (Those are features of 1.17, but in the snapshot they have already released their visual)

Now to Blocks! (They are going to be shorter than Items I promise) :

-Shulker Boxes (+all Colooorrs? That’s quite a lot but they are gorgeous, also have the code of color behind them so they can be defined as different caches)

-Blocks of Ores (Iron, gold, emerald, diamond, redstone, lapis and coaaal?)
-The 3 Command Blocks (Blue, Brown and Purple one)
-Ender Chest
-Enchantment Table
-Dragon Egg (Rarest Item on Minecraft… In survival mode)
-Dragon Head (Always collect the heads of your greatest enemies!)
-Carved Pumpkin (for Halloween)
-Jack O’ lanterns (for Spookier Halloweens)
-Mobs Spawner (New one, not the old one)

So here are the Items I think would be a great Addition to the generator! They all have meanings and usefulness that I think people will use in many ways, including me of course. :grinning:

But also, since the list will be VERY LONG if you put ALL of that, I have an idea to allow the user more simplicity than a list : icons to choose from.

Simply let a visual “list” appear that the user can use from, so they can see directly what the item is including variations! It will make everything 50% more smooth in terms of usage!
The design obviously needs some polishing (from the example I have given) and something can be done with icons so if you let your mouse on the icon for 1 sec, it shows variations of the same items! (So the list isn’t just 16 types of Tipped Arrows or Potions…)

So here you go, that’s the idea I wanted to put forward to upgrading the Achievement Generator, I am no programmer and no Technician so I don’t know how much time it will take, but I trust the already very high quality and polished site design something great with these ideas!

(Here’s an example of a generator that uses it, but with OLD textures of Minecraft )


Hi Talmouine, thank you so much for your detailed feedback, it’s extremely valuable!

All of these I think make sense, and also the grouping is very helpful.

That’s an excellent idea! When I am implementing the additional items I will try to make a more visual selection possible just like the example you have shown!

Currently you can search for items by typing into the dropdown field, but I totally agree with you, if you have so many items a more clear and visual representation of the item you are selecting makes much more sense.

Again, thank you so much! We will start working on these improvements very soon, also there is going to be a huge upgrade coming to the site as well so your feedback now was really helpful in making the upgrade even more significant!

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thanks that helped allllllllooooooooootttttttttttt