What's your all time favourite minecraft resource pack?

Hi everyone,

what would be your selection of all time favourite resource packs? I’ll start the topic by listing mine here, I am looking forward to discover new ones!

#1 DokuCraft High

#2 Chroma Hills

#3 Dragon Dance

#4 BD Craft

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That’s a tricky question;
I’d say…probably Hafen?

It’s just vibrant and cute, and it transforms any Minecraft world from default and kinda dull to bright and nicer. I am working on my own pack though, and if I love it enough maybe my favorite might change :sweat_smile:

You can download the pack here, have fun playing!


Oh wow, totally missed this pack thanks a lot for sharing it! I adore the simplistic and vibrant style of it a loooot, it looks so cute!

This screenshot probably inspired me the most :smiley:

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Dokucraft all the way. The darker and paler and depressing the better :smiley: Love the darkages feel to it

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Haha yes, Dokucraft has to be my go to texture pack of all times :eyes:

Completely forgot to mention, feel free to create a topic for it once you’re happy with it (or even just WIPs) – Sounds like a great project! :smiley:

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Alright, thanks! :smile:

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Another and probably my all time favourite pack, which unfortunately stopped being updated/worked on would be "A brush more colour"

It had an extremely cute RPG style to it and had overall super charming textures. It made Minecraft feel like a cosy home.



Sadly it has only been updated about 6 years ago, in 2015. I might need to try and see if I can make it compatible with new versions. If anyone has some tips to update the resource pack to 1.16.X I would be super thankful!

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My favorite pack is xali’s enhanced vanilla . I think it’s really good because it’s similar to the original textures :+1:

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Welcome to the forum! That is a cool looking texture pack, thank you for sharing :smiley: I will try it out next time I play

This a Link, Remember if You Wanna Get This Txt Pack You Need Optifine!!

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